Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BJJ Rear naked Choke and how to defend against it

Good class today.  At the end for the open spar session I got really light headed but it was amazing.  I was first sparring against a guy who was easily 80 pounds more than myself. 

The main lesson we practiced today was the rear naked choke and of course how to defend against it.

  1. Main take home message I remembered from today while defending, is while your opponent is trying to choke you and pulls begins to pull you back.  That is when you roll to the side with his arm underneath your armpit.   You do not want to roll to the side with the arm on top.
  2. Next you slowly worm / shrimp your body out 
  3. You can push the leg away as well to help open up space if needed and safe. 
  1. Below is a nice video I found on them rehearsing the moves and defense.  Watch how he always rolls to one side

Rear naked choke defense --> 

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